3 months ago
Okay. Went to see @todrick in Kinky Boots tonight and you just need to go see it. Not trying to be bossy. But you need to. Congrats also to Haven Burton, Aaron C. Finley and the rest of that RIDICULOUSLY FLAWLESS CAST.



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    cute Taylor

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    What are doing

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    Yay this is a gay ?

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    Don't ever give up on me

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    Fans from China

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    Nagar ihhhhhh

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    Love you taylor (GT)

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    QUEENS ❤️

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    Wow seksi

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    Look goolab and tay tay. See I do send nice pics. @anished

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    Hi this is my first time on your page thank you for liking my post

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    What lol

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    Please follback 😢😢😢

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    Look it tag gigihadid 😂

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    Amazing girl😉

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    Girl you are rocking it 👢👢

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    Love youuuu