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Happy Thanksgiving ❤️



  • teagan.rose131 month ago

    I really hope you read this Taylor!!!! I have been one of you biggest fans for 2 years!! I went to your 1989 concert at the at&t stadium in Arlington Texas and that was the best day of my life!!!! I would be the happiest person on the planet if you replied or like followed that would be like awesome!!!

  • loubob061 month ago

    @teagan.rose13 why would you say "like followed" and "like awesome"? The word like is used when you want to say that one thing is similar to another and you can either follow or not follow - you can't "like follow" OR when your trying to think what words to use and you use the word like as a sort of place holder whilst you think, however whilst you type you won't need this as you can just pause typing and then continue when you think of the words.

  • andryhendrianus131 month ago

    hallo @taylorswift , i was idolized you and love you, I want to make your face tattooed on the body I, may I ask the advice of photos do you think the most beautiful to be made the theme of the picture? I love you taylor

  • teagan.rose131 month ago

    @loubob06 I completely agree with you. But I used that choice of words to symbolize my enthusiasm on the topic, and I put "like" on purpose.

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  • itsmekaylove4 weeks ago

    So much talent in one picture 😄

  • seniorswiftie134 weeks ago

    So much happiness

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    Ay @taylorswift you should go check out the new song by @stitches I don't wanna live forever remix 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • feericoy3 weeks ago

    @taylorswift Happy Valentine's Day by the way

  • rahul_jyala233 weeks ago

    Love I t.s😘😂

  • aliafiat56543 weeks ago

    Level 😍

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    * * * 👀 * * *

  • fatimaozyer2 weeks ago

    Follow me taylor please

  • starlaspam2 weeks ago

    @gcassandrra13 😍😍

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  • enjoying_life3331 week ago

    Love u Taylor

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    de camping like

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    Teylor i love you beautiful :-)