2 months ago
Island girl πŸ’šπŸ’ŽπŸ’™ #beach #vacation #mondayvibes #NYE fun fact! I tripped and landed right on my face after taking this photo



  • mrismit3 weeks ago

    What a woman

  • alyyzel._3 weeks ago


  • raheem.jaleel3 weeks ago

    Oh godπŸ€’πŸ˜©

  • julixbp3 weeks ago

    lmfao compare this picture with the video of her jumping into the water

  • gretawltr3 weeks ago

    @gauselause zum Einschlafen 😏

  • _alexmck3 weeks ago

    @thefeetuniverse ur fuckin weird

  • anayancishahverdian3 weeks ago

    Good job with the photoshop, like #photoshopgoals

  • gauselause3 weeks ago

    Danke😍 @gretawltr

  • c_wells23 weeks ago


  • im_tmko122 weeks ago

    Bruhh bella fine as hellπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

  • satanxseed2 weeks ago

    Where's the back tattoo?

  • whaggaa2 weeks ago

    Kız Bella, sevgilin izin veriyo mu bu kadar açık giymene

  • lyahlyahh2 weeks ago

    For a white girl you gots ass..sorta...but fuck thats the only place you have meat

  • uncle_sam_tax2 weeks ago

    Asaf hit it

  • rodro.villa332 weeks ago


  • hayleymarie62 weeks ago

    You 100000% @journeyslegg

  • journeyslegg2 weeks ago

    You're 100000% delirious @hayleymarie6

  • natanrodrigx2 weeks ago


  • sexy.silas1 week ago

    @simz_1706 dude did u actually like this pic. Wow

  • epipeneda1 week ago

    @lyahlyahh she's hispanic

  • lyahlyahh1 week ago

    @epipeneda...she's white

  • vinansantos1 week ago


  • epipeneda1 week ago

    @lyahlyahh Her dad is Cuban

  • epipeneda1 week ago

    Look it up @lyahlyahh

  • meena_vampirediariesforlife1 week ago

    All theses haters are sooo mean, rude ,and disrespectful Wow JUST CHILL!!!! This girl has been eating she's born naturally skinny and stop body shaming her y'all are just jealous of her because she's doing something active and being herself and yes she has an πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ even small booties Matters 😊

  • julien.sandiwid6 days ago

    Your hot

  • makaylaachaviss5 days ago

    This does not @caseynjustus

  • x.blue_soul5 days ago


  • christensen56764 days ago

    Dat ass

  • riveronvallin4 days ago


  • kathymaree4 days ago


  • lolitslexi4 days ago

    @axchurro take pictures of me like this 😍

  • axchurro4 days ago

    I would but your always hugged up on me πŸ€— @lolitslexi

  • seegz_73 days ago


  • tellmethetruth_anonym2 days ago

    Dream body

  • bellalove05212 days ago

    When you try to copy Kim k

  • 856.leigh1 day ago

    all u ppl care about are butts πŸ™„

  • brendanwilcox1323 hours ago

    Well then @gallagher0118