2 weeks ago
Hi I'm yung smurf and I'm a weirdo:) #yungsmurf #coloredhair #thursdaythoughts #tbt



  • spinachdip8 hours ago

    wow ur so quirky and different just like everyone else in this world

  • sophiavader8 hours ago

    @bellavader I'm scared

  • sxlvxnx_8 hours ago


  • sharlysewalterss7 hours ago

    Are you 10

  • http.agxstinx7 hours ago


  • lauren.hansen7 hours ago

    @Miaraspanti BEBANEJAJEJ

  • julia.sc7 hours ago

    u okay there bud?

  • bella.wala7 hours ago

    Crack is one hell of a drug

  • hailewatts7 hours ago

    @50_shades_of_angel crack is a hell of a drug

  • hannah.russo6 hours ago

    @megduffyy is she ok

  • leanne_tullett6 hours ago

    you'll be okay boo x

  • findmydeadniece6 hours ago

    @cyber.kta @brimatosoup IM CRYING

  • oknamjoon6 hours ago

    what the fuck

  • albanly6 hours ago

    Im scared

  • veronicaj06 hours ago

    @e_rothery no

  • tylerjoseo6 hours ago

    U okay

  • _tylersukulele6 hours ago

    U ight b

  • avocadosynth6 hours ago

    What's wrong

  • abbsjacee5 hours ago

    oh lord. Someone held her

  • haylkate5 hours ago

    i dont know what kind of identity crisis youre currently going through, but it gets better. i promise.

  • brenna.tierney5 hours ago

    cringe @katelintierneyy

  • uriection5 hours ago

    im concerned

  • luceromortiz5 hours ago

    I had a break down too

  • georgie_r_4 hours ago


  • writemeaspam4 hours ago

    girl,, are you okay?

  • dr3am_katch3r3 hours ago

    Is there a dislike button?

  • dominatesnicky3 hours ago

    Bella i dont know what kind of phase you are going through but im sure things will get better. So keep on reading to menus to cereal boxes and road signs 😘💖

  • maya_betik3 hours ago


  • _joyce926_3 hours ago


  • melissa.mcnair3 hours ago

    Are you ok😂

  • ightbabygirl3 hours ago

    I don't know what kind of existential crisis you're going through. But it will get better I promise.

  • ightbabygirl3 hours ago

    Cause girl

  • ightbabygirl3 hours ago

    You ainn okay.

  • gisselle.recinos3 hours ago


  • momjeen2 hours ago

    chin sweat and dog sex

  • okokbritz1 hour ago


  • bbree__18 minutes ago

    Beyond perfect @bellathorne

  • lunarfoxie8 minutes ago

    how do you go from basic white girl to goth in a matter of days wtf, you are such a poser.