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real skin alert 🚨 it's no secret I struggle w acne. Sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's just not. I'm very self conscious and constantly feeling bad about myself. BUT I shouldn't feel bad. It is normal to have acne. EVERY1 does! It's only our society and social media outlets like this one that tells us we have to have "perfect skin" to be considered socially acceptable. I'm here to tell you rn FUCK THAT. I'm going to show my skin for what is it and own it. No matter what any1 says. #ownit #beyou #acne #purebeauty #nofilter #lol



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    Why stuck up towards Ricky and Sue then?

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    @ms_angie_quinn 😍😍😍

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    @laurafreed5 That is what bae looks like 😍

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    lolololol i'm so done she just needs to go

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    My name is Bella Thorne 💁💘. And this👌is the time🙇📕📓i found out💡i had dyslexia🤓👀😿. I remember🤔🙄⏱when i started first grade👆😜💯. Right away it was awful🙅👎because i couldn't read📝as well as the other kids🙅📚🚫. My brain🙆mixed up letters😳✍like b and d and m and w🙊🚫. Dyslexia👀📒is different👌for everyone who has it🤔😡. For me🙋it makes it harder😩🍆to read📚and write✏. I started🏁🚥working😤💪really hard👌on how to read better👀💯. My family👨‍👩‍👧☺️helped😌👏me by making me read📚everything from menus📄to cereal boxes📦to road signs🚗👓. Today I read📒above grade level😘👆👀. And I learned✊🙏to face problems🚫😁and not run🏃💨away from them🙅👋👊. Dyslexia😿😭makes things hard for me😖💦but not🚫⚠️impossible😍😇.

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    @sidechxck DM ME THAT PLEASE

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    @sidechxck DM ME THT TOO PLZZZ

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    KILL YOURSELF ACNE❗ I get acne too :)) it comes and goes...💞

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    She looks like Jeffree star hahahahahahahh @__celine.w

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    NAHAHAHAHAHAH @helloduffman

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    Queen of dyslexia

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    @Alex.mondragon estimated @bellathorne is shit

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    @bellathorne = stupid con tanto affetto Kiss kiss

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    Who agrees with me?

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    @sidechxck bro can u dm me that please

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    @ms_angie_quinn yasss she is the bae 💘

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    @laurafreed5 Right?!

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    Ur soooo hot

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    Fake eyeliner: that's sharpie

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    @bellathorne why why so cute? 💖

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    Damn u r tooo beautiful

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    @agathe.lefevre je suis d'accord avec elle pour le coup

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    You are my goddess.

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    You shouldn't feel bad but we must remember our skin is our largest organ and if we are having skin issues it may be from internal causes. I struggled with acne for 10 years and "accepted" it as my curse. Decided one day to give up refined white sugar and gluten and it cleared my skin up within a month. Nothing ever worked as good as cleaning up my diet and treating my body with the healthy fruits and veggies it needed. Food is medicine and your skin can be vibrant and clear. You are beautiful