2 weeks ago
Brown eyessss, what color are yours ?



  • kamarijere22 hours ago

    I thought your eyes were green

  • kamarijere22 hours ago

    Mine are a really dark brown that it looks like black

  • oliviaxclaire22 hours ago


  • itsonesha2021 hours ago

    Dark brown

  • dr_drai_1021 hours ago


  • k.kenalll21 hours ago

    Just like urs❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️😍😍😍

  • leelilyyoung21 hours ago


  • myaharris32121 hours ago

    My name is Jamya Harris,I'm was living a vacation, from New Jersey, I have my friends name Serra and Summer,my cousin name Mikeria we love your magoon

  • yk_.aniya20 hours ago

    Um............... Brown

  • have.mercy.on.mendes20 hours ago


  • doriaacandelaria201620 hours ago

    My cam😘😘😍😍SHAMERON

  • at_lemos19 hours ago

    Oi, Austin Mahone 😍

  • _.j.a.s.m.i.n.e._.b._19 hours ago


  • xlondonlovex17 hours ago

    Dark brown

  • smarti00317 hours ago

    Bark Brown

  • itsttbabee14 hours ago

    Dark brown

  • kingfdallas14 hours ago


  • kingfdallas14 hours ago

    @at_lemos Que

  • _.tahlia_barac._13 hours ago


  • that_sleepy_gal12 hours ago


  • at_lemos12 hours ago

    @kingfdallas to só zuando msm, e pq eu acho eles parecidos

  • merdassy_amal11 hours ago

    Green 👀

  • tomina_i_veljina_mala7510 hours ago

    Omg omg omg omg omg you are so beautiful...i want youuuuu 😂 ... are you hear me? Nowwww you must be mine 😂

  • tomina_i_veljina_mala7510 hours ago

    My eyes are green 😃😍💘

  • kingfdallas9 hours ago

    @at_lemos ah entendi kk eles não se parecem não kkkkkkkkk

  • barbarawiergo9 hours ago


  • s.chmi.dt8 hours ago


  • its_taylor_dallas8 hours ago

    BROWN just like yours @camerondallas love you Cam

  • __nereiitaaa__7 hours ago

    Mine are blue,🙈 I love you very much❤, when will you come to Spain? @camerondallas

  • s2102046 hours ago

    @camerondallas Brown like yours✌

  • _minz236 hours ago

    Your face is goalzz🤤

  • rxmano_4 hours ago

    Black 😣

  • _rani_1998_4 hours ago

    Face [email protected] close up 😆

  • jacob._.sartorius._.bae._.134 hours ago


  • __sophie_20032 hours ago


  • b.baruskaaa2 hours ago


  • aklima_ahmed051 hour ago

    Brown 👀

  • jaidynallen656 minutes ago

    Greenish blueish

  • hey._itz._ellie28 minutes ago

    As of right now they are gray but yesterday they were a light blue

  • quart_la26 minutes ago

    Blue/Grey 🤙🏻