7 days ago
Yesterday's #ootd had some serious girlie vibes. #monochromatic #monday



  • meena_vampirediariesforlife2 days ago

    Shut up Haters she doesn't need you and she has real fans that loves her no matter what and it's her choice her life,her decisions, she has her own beautiful body, and never judge people on looks it's not about looks or having a "perfect body" plus she's not Anorexic she's fit asf!!! Body Shaming is a worst effects you could to do damaged a person's outlook and their low self esteem you think you know everything about everybody no you don't you don't even know either personal life what if Bella has insecurities or been suffering with something y'all need to learn how to be a better person not bringing other people down just because of everything she does gets hates whenever she does something to make herself happy she gets hates WTF??? Leave this poor girl alone you societies the worst evil ever and please learn to love yourself and just unfollow her already and leave her alone enough cyber bullying!!!! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜£πŸ˜’

  • gayformaddiezieg2 days ago

    i'm vomiting

  • emilyydontcare2 days ago

    @callli_ maybe shes just naturally skinny? Plus shes tall sooo

  • tiffxpotato1 day ago

    Looks like halsey

  • baddiesfake1 day ago

    Where her thickness at?

  • oi_herrmann1 day ago

    Parece um gafanhoto Haha'

  • kirstygladdenx1 day ago

    @emiliaa.kx her legs are the size of my wrist

  • kar._.la1 day ago

    When you skip leg day

  • kp.11201 day ago

    is it just me or did she get really skinny all of the sudden????!

  • j.anay22 hours ago

    @kp.1120 it's just you

  • _v.lila_21 hours ago


  • its.private_tw19 hours ago

    I would like too extend a long fuck you from us teen wolf fans πŸ’•πŸ‘Œ

  • novacane_spam19 hours ago

    Midlife crisis

  • natasha_dougan17 hours ago

    @danikaasselin_ ughhh ik and she thinks shes fucking miley cyrus

  • danikaasselin_17 hours ago

    @natasha_dougan lmaooooooo

  • ayesha_king15 hours ago

    @kp.1120 It's not just you I've noticed it too.

  • ayesha_king15 hours ago

    @xx.btw.its.hydi.xx She's very beautiful some people are being rude and jealous but I think some are genuinely concerned for her.

  • xx.btw.its.hydi.xx15 hours ago

    @ayesha_king she is very pretty. And yeah some are being concerned for her my bad...

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  • syaahidatulasreen6 hours ago

    @_maisaraaa tu kaki ke ranting ?

  • bendito_estilo_by_rosacantos2 hours ago


  • wolniky52 minutes ago

    She's so skinny it looks unhealthy and this isn't hate but I'm shocked I hope she's okay😱

  • patton_136 minutes ago

    y'all....people are naturally thin lmao

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