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  • eduardvladd1 month ago

    What are these posts? @wizkhalifa

  • anthonydemaio1 month ago

    Free Kodak

  • swoldier1211 month ago


  • hbugbinho1 month ago

    @eduardvladd go on his Instagram he's makin large photos

  • riri_okon1 month ago


  • ilkay_chris_de_pie1 month ago

    Lol he got hacked

  • moussac881 month ago

    Men that nigga high as a motherfucker, taking a picture of a damn wall

  • melanie___hernandez1 month ago


  • unolilkobe1 month ago


  • charliedaoust1 month ago

    Stop this shit

  • postabowl1 month ago

    🔥💯 You Know You Want To Come Check Out Our Dope Weed Pics #postabowl 💯🔥

  • yusuf__mc1 month ago

    Stop copying off me

  • joaovittana1 month ago

    So me chamar pra gravadora,Im songwrite!!!

  • jasmineguirado1 month ago


  • itsqueenbish1 month ago

    You know all these post was really starting to work my nerves, until I went to your page....okay...#carryon

  • jayisjesse1 month ago

    Is this the lady that takes care of your kid while you get loaded

  • savage.sqaure.face1 month ago

    Wiz the fuck you doing with all these pictures lol

  • mgaphotos_1 month ago

    🚨🚨 photography account 🚨🚨

  • corytrotter1 month ago

    Cut this shit out

  • lance_blankk1 month ago

    You don't have to post every picture you take btw

  • amrit_dreamcatcher1 month ago

    My dreamcatcher ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • dianafromdagram1 month ago

    @lance_blankk but if he want to he can , yeah I peeped your comment 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️

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  • tony_toni_tone211 month ago

    Stop doing these wiz lmao I be like what is this pic and then it hits me you gotta go to his ig page to see the whole thing 😂😂

  • the_santes1 month ago

    Man @wizkhalifa ..Your son is taking photos on your phone and posting it on instagram...Take you phone back...😑😂

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  • adin_linkous1 month ago

    Damn it you keep blowing up my fucking newsfeed😂

  • antonio99aw1 month ago

    Trippin damn

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  • tvoiziat1 month ago

    25 шараге война

  • tvoiziat1 month ago

    25 шараге война

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  • sikiratphotography1 month ago

    Who dis

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