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  • tvoiziat1 month ago

    У тебя средство от прыщей осталось?

  • paulsnp1 month ago

    pieces to pieces, I like this piece, it's about tattoo 🌋

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  • dahodaartist1 month ago

    I have a dope drawing of wiz 💯🚨🔥✍🏽✏️ @wizkhalifa

  • quest.b1 month ago

    Sade my wife

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  • dj_black_mix1 month ago

    How do you do those songs

  • therealyungnaz1 month ago

    Wats up OG I been sending my music to all y'all tryna let y'all know I'm doing my thang already but I'm tryna take dat next step in becoming a elite artist and you already a elite artist so In order for me to be that I gotta have y'all vouch for me an share my music I got everything else just need support from the greats

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  • rudytrudy791 month ago

    Not sure if you put your own instagram together or not, but it's awesome. X

  • ogsynco1 month ago

    I'm Taylor ready 🤘🏽⚡️®

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    👈🏼TRAP guitar covers🎸

  • amine_foughali1 month ago

    Wiz 🔥🔥🔥

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    Aint that sade? Super blessed man. @wizkhalifa

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    When investing,always seek for cashflow companies... Stocks can make you alot of money

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    Wizz boy 💪

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    Dapper. If you like conscious rap, click our page to blare two rising lyricists who will elevate your mind. You won't be disappointed..🔥✊🏽👁💷💐

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    Sade😘 uright!

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    You're a hero

  • danielarse1 month ago

    Dont let me down

  • proteshea1 month ago

    Sweetest Taboo

  • yassstymar1 month ago

    I couldn't love you more if time was running out ayyye

  • rodbanks1 month ago

    Love her

  • isaiaaaaaaa.h1 month ago

    Idk but looks like he got a new sleeve

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    Dude wer dd u get that sade shirt???!

  • kryssyrenee1 week ago

    Haven't been to this page in awhile but you have a cool ass phuckin page! lol this shit is really dope